floating solar’s benefits


A simple and affordable alternative to ground-mount solar systems, Hydrelio® floating solar farms are particularly suitable for energy and water-intensive industries who cannot afford to waste either land or water. Wineries, dairy farms, fish farms, mining companies, waste-water treatment plants, irrigation districts and water agencies are all examples of organizations who benefit from the synergy that our system creates between sun and water.

From a technical point of view, our floating solar combines simplicity of construction and maintenance, flexibility of design, ecological safety and a durability proven by numerous tests. Hydrelio® is scalable and compatible with a wide range of PV equipment, and adapted to most types of reservoirs, dedicated for irrigation, water retention or treatment, hydroelectricity.


  • Optimized, region-specific solutions
  • Streamlined manufacturing for cost-competitivity
  • Power production gain due to water cooling effect
  • Accelerated development processes


  • Modular for all power and electrical configurations
  • Compatible with most PV equipment
  • Swift and simple assembly, no heavy tools needed
  • Safe and easy operation & maintenance


  • UV-stabilized HDPE material
  • Resilience to extreme wind conditions
  • Designed and supplied with site-specific anchoring
  • Lab-tested and field-proven worldwide


  • Compliant with fresh and natural waters
  • Neutral or positive environmental impact
  • Reduces evaporation, preserves ecosystems
  • Recyclable materials, easy dismantlement

Installation of our floating solar pv

The construction of a floating PV platform is very straightforward and does not require any heavy tools allowing for smooth and quick deployment. We can identify 4 main steps:

  • Site preparation
  • Module fixation
  • Float assembly
  • Platform launching

Site preparation includes the installation of a mounting platform to connect the floats together, and then push the platform into water. In actual practice, we can provide consulting to determine construction location, platform position, slope and raw materials. Also, it is essential to ensure a place for material storage near the pond.


Combined solutions with our floating solar

At Ciel & Terre, in addition to our technology, we also take into consideration water quality and the environment surrounding the solar array. That’s why we called upon specialists of the sector to solve environmental issues currently encountered with lands and wildlife. Thanks to partnerships, we are able to provide eco-friendly add-ons compatible to the areas where our Hydrelio® systems float.

We have joined forces with our expert partners to offer you effective and reliable solutions in conjunction with Hydrelio® to respond to environmental concerns dealing with your reservoir or directly with your floating solar power plant.


In partnership with the French company Techsub® subsidiary’s, Aquago®, we provide technical solutions to manage and rehabilitate polluted water areas.

Sungo® technology is a 100% autonomous solar mixer. This water aerating system participates actively in self-purification processes of water bodies, while guaranteeing you a sustainable and clean financial revenue in producing electricity with our Hydrelio® solution.

Sungo® is designed for water bodies which present eutrophication signs, with symptoms like algal blooms, bad smells or even harm to the aquatic wildlife, that may forbid any recreational use on your site. By increasing the amount of oxygen concentration in the water, the system can even regenerate a reservoir that was otherwise unusable.