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Design, financing and operation of large-scale rooftop, ground-mount and floating solar PV systems

Floating solar system

An innovative, reliable and cost-effective solution to turn bodies of water into solar power plants while conserving land and water.
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Rooftop solar system

Benefit from Ciel et Terre's expertise to purchase turnkey rooftop solar systems or select one of our leasing programs to generate solar electricity without any capital investment.
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Ground-mount systems

Public and private land owners trust us to build profitable and sustainable solar farms
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Operation & Maintenance

Protect your solar investment and maximize your power output with our operation and maintenance services
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Building-integrated solar

Arch'helios®, our patented rooftop mounting system makes it easier and less expensive to install solar systems on new or existing roofs, while adding insulation and guaranteeing watertightness.
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Our projects

Relais Vert - Carpentras - (84)

The 694 KWp solar pv system installed on the roofs of Relais Vert's warehouses has a surface area of 1.4 acres and is composed of 3,018...

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Bontout - Pont De L'Isere - (26)

Bulteau Systems – Arnas - (69)

Floating solar system - Piolenc

An ecofriendly project which will turn the city of Piolenc into a positive-energy town.

Installed on an old quarry lake, the...

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Sault - (84)

Saint Laurent Blangy - (62)

Our teams have developed with Suntech a SUNGO, patented solar aerator/ciculator, that offers a clean and efficient  solution to oxygenate and...

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Why install floating solar systems ?

Simply because, in many countries, there is a lack of lands to install large scale ground-mount solar systems.

Now, nearby small and medium scale rootop systems, in the habitat and in the industry, it is necessary that solar power brings an important contribution to the energetic mix, of large scale floating solar systems of 10 MW and more…

Confronted to the public authorities' will to avoid taking away, for ground-mount solar systems realizations, large farmlands, we must find acceptable ecological alternatives.

Although, opportunities on inland water bodies are large, in Europe and the entire World. Being quarrie lakes, dams, irrigation reservoirs, water-treatment sites or floodable lands, possibilities are infinite! And most of the time, close to a connection point.

The only state of Karnataka, in India, has 36 000 irrigation lakes of more than 24 acres while farmland is missing, and so is electricity!

Still, one must be able to offer a reliable and cost-effective technology so that floating solar systems can represent a serious alternative to ground mounted solar systems.

Ciel et Terre has developed and launched on the market its patent floating technology, Hydrelio©, that you can discover on our websites.

Design to resist to any natural conditions, and to produce cost-effective solar electricity, the Hydrelio© solution allows the realization of large scale floating solar system, and thereby contribute to a better energy balance of our beautiful blue planet.

At Ciel et Terre, our mission is help everyone to soak up this energy. It is also our passion.

So let shine together !

Bernard Provoust - CEO