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At Ciel & Terre, we have been proudly developing large-scale floating PV plants for commercial, government and non-profit institutions worldwide since 2011. Today, we are recognized as the leader of the floating PV market through the development of our innovative and patented Hydrelio® technology. Floating solar is a direct response to the lack of space and the conflict of land use. While providing clean energy, traditional PV may negatively impact the environment it occupies. Our viable, robust and economical solution presents many benefits compared to traditional PV. Tried-and-tested, our Hydrelio® system is easy to install and is adaptable to numerous floating solar applications, such as hydroelectric dams, water-treatment or irrigation sites.

Through many years of experience, we have acquired a deep knowledge and a unique experience in the floating solar panels. We offer a full portfolio of solutions and services, tailored to our clients’ needs, including design of our power plants and consulting solutions to support project development and all aspects related with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).

We deeply believe that innovation must be equivalent to cost competitiveness and be profitable to all stake holders. In fact, the innovative Hydrelio® has developed synergies between many industries resulting in great collaborations. Join us on our floating solar journey!

On Ciel & Terre’s initiative, Bureau Veritas has provided technical support to define a certification scope for floating structure design and mooring design. The study concluded that within the scope defined, Ciel & Terre is in line with applicable Rules and Regulations (NR 493).

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore is an independent society specialized in Classification and Certification of ships or offshore units following strict rules and process.

Our floating solar panels activity

As the floating solar expert, our vision is to propose an alternative to fossil energies, maintaining valuable lands while contributing to the emergence of a greener and more sustainable economy. Our priority is to deliver quality, proximity and innovation. We strive to offer high-end, reliable, and long-lasting projects, identifying opportunities that bring people and the environment together.

Prior to floating solar, our company specialized in rooftop and ground mounted PV systems. After developing the water-based PV concept Hydrelio® in 2011, we shifted our efforts to be entirely focused on floating solar panels activity.

Our goal: your floating PV project’s sucess!

At Ciel & Terre, we are proud to have delivered more than 600 MWp of floating PV capacity with our Hydrelio® system, equivalent to over 240 floating PV farms in total over the world. We expect to increase this number to 1 275 MWp by late 2022.

The whole time we had perfect support from our supervisor, Antonin, onsite or by telephone or email. So we had a very short and easy onsite training, and subsequently a very easy and quick mounting. We have been faster with mounting than our expectations when we started the construction.


Project Manager, Erdgas Südwest

Our floating solar solutions & services

Our technology Hydrelio®, recognized as innovation made simple, has been developed as a green, reliable and modular invention, allowing the construction of large-scale floating PV farms, and thereby contributing to a better energy balance thanks to the production of a cost-effective solar electricity.

As the market standard solution, Hydrelio® is particularly suitable for energy and water-intensive industries in needs of ‘solar, on water’ benefits. Maintaining our ecological footprint at the forefront of our operation, we open manufacturing lines in each country where we are established, reducing the cost of transport and promoting local employment.

In addition to distributing our floating system, we design, supply and install tailor-made anchoring systems to ensure the floating PV platform stability and resistance to environmental constraints (water level variation, earthquakes, cyclones…).

In collaboration with our close partners, we are able to offer Hydrelio® add-ons to combine with our system (as water-treatment bundle).

Throughout the years, we have patiently acquired specific skills in the floating solar sector. This experience has enabled us the capability to offer a full range of solutions and services to meet our client’s expectations: EPC and development support, O&M.

Our self-requirements

We developed the Hydrelio® technology, opening a new market with the objective to target a reliable, bankable and cost-effective system, representing a serious alternative to ground-mounted PV systems.

Our system is adaptable to many kinds of floating solar applications like hydroelectric dam, water-treatment plant, irrigation pond, quarry lake..

Floating solar upgrades each of these water bodies with additional benefits compared to traditional solar systems: preserve valuable lands, reduce water evaporation losses and enhance water quality by limiting the algae bloom, convert a dead space into profitable area, or enjoy existing infrastructures (substation, transmission lines).

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