25 Jun 2021 | Floating solar, Hydrelio

Why choose floating solar

Floating solar is an alternative to traditional PV.

Floating solar particularly makes sense in areas where valuable land is scarce and/or expensive, for various reasons: necessity to preserve agricultural and natural lands, areas with a high population density, small or island countries… Suitable ground is costly, and land is rarely available for solar projects near grid infrastructures. Taking advantage of these existing but unused water surfaces – often close to the most intensive energy users, namely industrial and urban areas – prevents massive infrastructure costs, expensive transport and distribution.

Hydrelio® technology is the perfect solution for many types of water bodies, including dams, quarry lakes, irrigation orwater-treatment ponds. Additionally, these man-made reservoirs are typically unobstructed from the sun, kept out of sight, and located near energy-intensive consumption sites making these spaces ideal candidates for solar PV systems.

Floating solar is the 3rd pillar of solar industry.

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